Regional B Team Networks

Driving business action around issues of regional relevance and importance for heightened and localized impact

While the globe is facing crises of climate change, inequality and loss of trust, each region of the world is feeling the effects of these challenges differently. And each region must respond differently. That’s why we’ve built regional B Team Networks, the first two bringing together leaders from across Africa and Australia.

The B Team Regional Networks bring together business leaders from each region to create and catalyze the new norms of corporate leadership needed to face these challenges. Together, these leaders work to both drive localized impact and further The B Team’s global mission.


While the way we interact has become increasingly global, each region faces unique challenges on the journey toward better business. What works for one region of the world could fall flat in another.

To build a future where companies, communities and governments across the globe can truly thrive, we need localized solutions.


Each Regional B Team Network brings business leaders together to hold discussions, develop partnerships and scale transformative action. Members of Regional B Team Networks both lead by example within their own companies and use their collective voice to drive wider social and economic change in their region.

Utilizing their expertise, Members of Regional B Team Networks help encourage and empower the policies and practices that will provide a better future for all in their regions.


In stepping up within their communities, countries and regions, Members of Regional B Team Networks demonstrate a new way of leading—emboldening other regional business leaders to join them.

Whether around raising ambition for climate action, creating new norms of corporate governance or championing workplace equality, each Regional B Team Network helps build the most relevant path forward for their region.



Build regional networks of business leaders who use their voice and influence to advance The B Team mission and address key priorities that impact both their companies and the countries in which they operate.


Harness the collective influence, leadership, public profile and convening power of Members of Regional B Team Networks to drive localized policy change for the benefit of future generations.


Tap into Regional B Team Networks as an incubator for innovation, scaling new ideas as appropriate globally.

Regional B Team Networks

The B Team Africa Network

A collective of Africa-based business leaders using their voice and influence to build a better way of doing business.
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The B Team Australia Network

A regional platform enabling committed business leaders across Australia to drive progress toward a better future.
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