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11th June 2019

The B Team Australia Spearheads Future of Work Initiative
“Change is here now. We have an opportunity to shape a future of work that creates opportunity for all and is 100% Human. We are thrilled that companies are coming together in Australia Regional B Team and embedding human principles at the center of their businesses.”
- Sir Richard Branson, Co-Founder, The B Team

11 June 2019, Sydney: Today, The B Team Australia presents its Future of Work Principles. With these Principles, The B Team Australia aims to spark dialogue and encourage CEOs to join them in preparing for tomorrow, today.

Change is here now. It’s no longer a matter of predicting the impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation will have, but confronting the emerging impact of technology-driven disruption. The world is already feeling the effect of industry shifts, employment insecurity and broader societal implications on privacy, policing and gender. While leaders across sectors have spearheaded much research and analysis, we need to act now to shape the future of work.

Together, The B Team Australia—a regional platform which enables committed business leaders across Australia to collectively drive progress towards a better way of doing business—has drafted a set of Principles to guide companies to proactively address changes that are currently happening and need to happen. The B Team Australia believes it’s not about protecting roles, it’s about protecting people—equipping people with skills to transition to new jobs and supporting their health and wellbeing through the personal challenges they face.

“The march of digitalization, robotics, automation, 3D printing and a plethora of other technological innovation will affect most jobs in some way. But it’s people, not technology that will decide the future of work. The right decisions will put technology at the service of people with full employment and just transition measures for workers.” - Sharan Burrow, Vice-Chair, The B Team

This group’s Principles are not coming from a place of theory, but from practical implementation already taking place in several of its Members’ businesses. Catherine Tanna, Managing Director of EnergyAustralia, said companies’ prospects for adapting to change were much higher when they listened to the experts—their own people. EnergyAustralia is establishing a $20M project to draw out employees’ insights on the future of work and applying them to develop the skills and training needed.

“CEOs shouldn’t forget the great perspective employees can offer, earned from working on the frontline. Getting our business in shape for a radically different world is a two-way partnership with our people. I’m not sure it can be done, or done effectively, without them.”
- Catherine Tanna, Managing Director, EnergyAustralia

Additionally, each Member of The B Team Australia has committed to personally champion a project which reflects both these Principles and those of The B Team to encourage both regional and global resource and knowledge sharing. The B Team Australia believes its most valuable contribution is to share these Principles as a conversation starter for other business leaders with the aim of helping them better understand and acknowledge the employee experience through such times of change.

“The extent of the usage and effect of AI and other emerging technologies is evolving and evolving quickly. We believe it is time for business to establish some principles of best practice—and we’ve taken the first step. But, for the good of all stakeholders, we encourage active discussion and input to build the inclusive and thriving future of work we envision.” - David Gonski, Co-Chair, The B Team Australia

The B Team Australia will be releasing its Future of Work Principles and discussing relevant examples from its Members’ organisations at an invitation-only panel on June 11 from 9 – 10.30am AEST. For further information please see below.



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For inquiries about The B Team Australia, please contact Lynette Mayne via +61 438 328 285 or via

The B Team

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The B Team Australia Regional Members:

  • David Gonski, Co-Chair, The B Team Australia, responsible for 100% Human/Future of Work Initiative; Chairman, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ Bank); Chancellor, University of New South Wales
  • Lynette Mayne, Co-Chair, The B Team Australia, Director, Chief Executive Women and its Leaders Program; Director, Asian Development Bank’s Female Leadership Program in the Pacific
  • Peter Allen, CEO and Executive Director, Scentre Group
  • Michael Cameron, Former CEO of Suncorp Group
  • Geoff Lloyd, CEO of MLC
  • Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz, CEO and Managing Director, Mirvac
  • Sam Mostyn, Chairman, Citibank Australia, Commissioner, Business and Sustainable Development Commission
  • Radek Sali, Chairman and Founder, Light Warrior Group
  • Ann Sherry, Former Executive Chair Carnival Australia; NED NAB, Sydney Airport and Palladium
  • Catherine Tanna, Managing Director, EnergyAustralia

The B Team Australia Global Steering Committee Members:

  • Richard Branson, Co-Founder, The B Team, Founder, Virgin Group
  • Sharan Burrow, Vice-Chair, The B Team, General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation
  • Andrew Liveris, B Team Leader, Former Chairman and CEO, Dow Chemical

About The B Team

The B Team is a catalyst for bold dialogue, courageous leadership and brave business action toward a fairer, greener and more human economy. The B Team’s global collective of business and civil society leaders are working together to build a principle led and purpose-driven private sector and demonstrate that, with courageous leadership, business becomes a force for good.

The B Team was co-founded by Sir Richard Branson and Jochen Zeitz. Paul Polman serves as Chair with Sharan Burrow as Vice-Chair. The B Team Leaders include: Oliver Bäte, Marc Benioff, Kathy Calvin, Bob Collymore, David Crane, Emmanuel Faber, Christiana Figueres, Mats Granryd, Arianna Huffington, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, Dr. Mo Ibrahim, Yolanda Kakabadse, Isabelle Kocher, Guilherme Leal, Andrew Liveris, Strive Masiyiwa, Indra Nooyi, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, François-Henri Pinault, Mary Robinson, Ratan Tata, Hamdi Ulukaya, Zhang Yue and Professor Muhammad Yunus.