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The B Movement

Our vision for the future cannot be achieved alone.

To build a new model of leadership that benefits our planet and all people, we need to build strong partnerships.

How to join the movement

1 Learn How You Can Lead Differently

Today, we are facing a crisis of conformity in leadership. We’re forging a new way forward—one which is grounded in the principles of sustainability, equality and accountability and allows for bold dialogue and brave action toward a better future. You can join us by embracing these principles in your companies, communities, cities, countries and more.

2 Adopt a New Leadership Model

Adopting this new leadership model won’t be easy, but it doesn’t have to be done alone. We’re helping provide the tools, networks and insights needed to navigate the shift toward a purpose-driven and principled way of leading.

3 Stay in Touch

Reflecting our ever-evolving, and at times unpredictable, world, this model of leadership is dynamic, open to questions and encourages collaboration. Stay in touch with us to keep up.

The movement in action

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