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26th August 2019

Experimenting Toward a 100% Human World of Work

The world of work is transforming at an unprecedented rate. Amidst these shifts, it’s well past time for corporate forecasting around the future of work—and time for action. Members of the 100% Human at Work Network recognise this and are navigating forward through continued testing, learning and iterating in their workplaces.

The 100% Human at Work Network’s new collection of experiments examines these efforts and their impact on companies’ workforces. From providing opportunities for refugees and migrants, to championing diversity, inclusion and belonging and supporting employees’ mental health and wellbeing, the 35 experiments detailed in this collection demonstrate how these businesses are ensuring their workplaces work for everyone.

This collection of experiments is the 100% Human at Work Network’s third edition and its first to focus on companies operating in Australia and New Zealand. While the forces shaping the world of work are global, each region will feel them differently. And each will require a different response. The actions highlighted in this latest collection provide a window into how companies within the region are redefining corporate culture and how they can inspire commitment and innovation from the global private sector.

Facing challenges around potential automation, how best to equip young people to join the workforce and more, these companies’ experiments are also a reminder that for any organization, this is a journey—and not one they need to take alone. This endeavor requires consistent collaboration, conversation and counsel. Sharing their experiments and learnings is one step, but an important one that the Network can help further around the world.

Read the full collection of experiments here and learn more about the 100% Human at Work Network here.