Our Mission

Society deserves economies that are sustainable, trusted and strong. The public is calling for it, future generations will depend on it.

As leaders and actors within the global economy, we must bear the responsibility to bring this vision to life.

We’re working to redefine the culture of accountability in business, for our companies, communities and future generations, by creating and cascading new norms of corporate leadership that can build a better world.

As we work toward our vision of the future, a future where business is a force for good, we must face the policies, practices and mindsets that have brought us to a world of broken trust, rapidly rising temperatures and increasing inequality.

We must confront the crisis of conformity in leadership. We believe a new formula for leadership is needed if we are to successfully navigate these challenges. We need bold and brave leaders, willing and able to transform their own practices by embracing purpose-driven and holistic leadership, with humanity at the heart, aligned with the principles of sustainability, equality and accountability.

Bold Vision, Brave Action: Our Strategy

To build this new way of leading, we need business to align around both a bold vision of it and the brave action it’ll require. Since our start, we've rallied behind a future where the purpose of business is to drive inclusive social, environmental and economic benefit. We continue to support business as a force for the well-being of people and our planet—creating new norms of corporate leadership. Looking ahead, we believe the need to build an inclusive economy is more urgent than ever before. The challenges to achieve it are formidable, but we must commit business to an economic future that serves all people.

That’s why we’ve come together to craft a five-year strategy to set out our inclusive economy vision and inform the plans, actions and decisions we’ll take forward through to 2025.

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Explore our inclusive economy vision and the priorities we're working toward to achieve it through 2025.

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