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Building a Just Transition

The shift toward a net-zero world will bring economy-wide transformation on a scale we’ve never seen. This transition will impact all industries, jobs and communities. While we know this is necessary for a clean energy future, how can we ensure it is fair, respects the rights of all people and builds a more inclusive economy?

With the right planning, dialogue and processes, this shift will create robust communities and industries, spurring new job growth, diversifying educational opportunities and transforming livelihoods. A just transition makes this possible by engaging workers. It ensures no one is left behind in this movement and that all communities have the skills, investments, and capabilities they need to thrive in the face of rapid change.

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Learn How You Can Implement a Just Transition

While companies are increasingly aware of the imperative of delivering a just transition, many don’t know where to start. Just Transition: A Business Guide provides operational advice, tactics, case studies and risk analysis to help companies take climate action that accounts for impact on their workforce.

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Commit to a Just Transition to Decent Jobs

The shift to clean energy will generate millions of new jobs around the world—but, for a just transition, they must be decent. Here’s how companies are stepping up to ensure these jobs meet decent labor standards and how you can join them.

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We will not stand by and see stranded workers or stranded communities. We can do better than that. It’s very simple. There are no jobs on a dead planet. We have to work together with business, with government and workers. We can build a future that’s about the dignity of work, secure employment and shared prosperity.”

Sharan Burrow, Vice-Chair, The B Team General Secretary, International Trade Union Confederation

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