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27th June 2014

Praful Shah: Investing For Impact and Profit

As part of our blog series produced in partnership with The Huffington Post, Praful Shah, an angel investor, and advisor to Principium Consulting, addresses the misconception that impact investing isn't profitable.

Impact investing is of course the act of investing in a for-profit enterprise that also produces some form of social good. Shah describes some of the amazing investment opportunities he has been a part of, from a soccer ball that generates 3 hours of electricity after a 30 minute game, to needle free injections that prevent disease and a tea company that works to empower women and girls.

These ventures and many more are part of an expanding new market that is providing financial profit and at the same time addressing some of the most pressing social issues seen across society. However, like any other venture they require financial backing to either get off the ground, or to scale in order to reach maximum impact. Shah's message is that beyond the rewarding experience of providing the funding that allows these social ventures to thrive, it is in fact possible, and even likely that these investments will see a good financial return.

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