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24th September 2015

#BTeamLive: How Business Can Help Meet the Global Goals

The world is on the brink of an unprecedented transformation to a thriving and just net-zero emissions economy. Those businesses leading the transition will be the first to benefit.

In partnership with Ford Foundation, we asked some of the world’s most innovative and ambitious leaders, including Graça Machel, Johan Rockström and David Crane, how business leaders can do more to help meet the goals, and what the barriers and conditions for success are likely to be.

From Anne Simpson sharing how the global financial crisis triggered CalPERS to fundamentally change the way they defined what a sound financial investment is, to Paul Van Zyl discussing the effect of inoculating goats on communities in the Maiyet supply chain, to Bob Collymore’s examples of how mobile technologies are allowing developing nations to leapfrog grid energy.

Watch the broadcast to gain unique insight into the strategies leaders are deploying to change how business works in the 21st century.

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