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1st September 2022

How Will You Choose To Lead?

HALLA TÓMASDÓTTIR: Our humanity has been lost. There is no future in a world where the natural systems break down, where the social contract is fractured, where no one trusts anyone.

YOLANDA KAKABADSE: You cannot have a healthy society, a human society in an unhealthy planet.

MARY ROBINSON: There is a link between racial inequality, gender inequality, poverty inequality, climate inequality.

CHRISTIANA FIGUERES: Future generations will ask us, What did you do? Ultimately, that question is to all of us.

RICHARD BRANSON: It's a real wake up call, and it's time to change our approach.

PAUL POLMAN: We need more courageous leadership, people that are willing to be a little bit more human.

EMMANUEL FABER: There will not be systemic change without a truly collective action of leaders.

DAVID CRANE: People who are willing to go out there and risk their jobs in order to do what's right.

NGOZI OKONJO-IWEALA: To be transparent and accountable to society.

MARY ROBINSON: Leaders who are humble and listen who listen to young people, listen to those who are marginalized, listen to women.

PAUL POLMAN: And together we make our voices heard.

HALLA TÓMASDÓTTIR: To set ambitious targets.

CHRISTIANA FIGUERES: To push the envelope.

PAUL POLMAN: To take brave action.

DAVID CRANE: To persuade others to follow.

JOCHEN: It's the collective that makes you strong.

JESPER: There's no time for generation gaps. We don't have that luxury.

SHARAN BURROW: This is about humanity itself. And it's urgent.

MO IBRAHIM: Do, act, lead by example.