Consultancy | Research on Incentives that Drive Business Education

The B Team seeks a piece of actionable research to improve our understanding of incentives and/or drivers that shape today’s business education field.

Consultancy | Research on Incentives that Drive Business Education

Posted on:

Thursday 18th May 2023

Application close:

Monday 29th May 2023




The budget should not exceed USD $15k


The B Team seeks a piece of actionable research to improve our understanding of incentives and/or drivers that shape today’s business education field.

Our aim is to catalyze new business leadership norms for a sustainable future. As The B Team, we believe business and business leaders have a fundamental role to play in creating shared wellbeing on a healthy planet. We are working on the assumption that current business education must be disrupted to drive this change.

We are looking for a consultant to work on a piece of short research for us, provide some ongoing expertise and inform our efforts on this important issue.


The B Team is convening representatives of the full business leadership lifecycle, including B Team Leaders, Business School Deans, Board Directors, CEOs and young leaders, at our Annual General Meeting on 17 September 2023. We believe these groups of stakeholders are key to driving the crucial shifts in business leadership that are needed to deliver the future our children deserve.

During the September meeting, B Team Leaders and Business School Deans will discuss the set of levers to shift business education with an aim to identify priorities. They will also discuss how they can work together to catalyze change. The consultant’s work will help inform this discussion and make it actionable.

This effort builds on work that The B Team has done to build a New Leadership Playbook, which includes stories of new leadership in action, resources to get started, and guiding questions to unlock greater business leadership ambition.

Scope & Deliverables

This project will inform our work on catalyzing new norms of business leadership for a sustainable future, with a focus on business education. We have a planned 17 September discussion with B Team Leaders and Business School Deans, ahead of which we would not only want a short research paper, but also up to a day or time for consultation as we shape the in-person event.


1. A work plan, including an intended timetable and initial list of experts to interview, should be shared with The B Team staff within 5 days of starting the consultancy.

2. A written paper (max. 10 pages), summary (max 2. pages) and accompanying presentation (max. 15 slides) ideally submitted by 30 July covering the following:

  • Overview of incentives that influence business education today

  • Mapping of levers that leaders could utilize to shift these incentives

  • Overview of significant efforts/organizations/partnerships – whether successful or not – that have been undertaken to shift these incentives during the last five years

  • A list of Deans who have initiated progressive change

  • A list of suggested experts, partners and organizations for The B Team to connect with

3. A presentation of findings to The B Team staff

4. Availability to meet with The B Team staff, up to one day in total, to provide insights/expertise


The consultant should be available to start by June 15th, 2023 and should aim to complete the assignment by July 30th, and should also be available to contact during the project.

Expertise we Seek

The consultant(s) should have a proven track record of research into and knowledge of business education and factors and incentives that influence it today. Demonstrated understanding of new norms of business leadership for a sustainable future are highly relevant. Strong project management skills and excellent communication skills will also be prioritized.

The consultant(s) can be based anywhere, but must be available for regular calls with B Team staff in Berlin and NYC.

The B Team is committed to being a fair, diverse and inclusive organization. In your application, we invite you to share with us how you could contribute to this goal with reference to your personal or professional background.

How to Apply

Applications should be emailed to Esha Mufti by May 29, 2023. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Applications should consist of:

  • A cover letter including why the consultant has the skills for this assignment

  • A proposal of how the research will be carried out, including a budget showing daily rates. NB the budget should not exceed US $15k

  • A curriculum vitae of the lead consultant(s), including contact details for referees

  • Work samples as relevant

About The B Team

The B team is a global collective of business and civil society leaders driving a better way of doing business for people and planet. We advocate for economic systems change and new corporate norms — to protect our natural environment and secure a safe, sustainable and equitable future for all.

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